The Cochran Firm:

"Webopts has really been an asset in helping our company grow. The site they developed for us not only receives a large amount of traffic, but a large amount of quality traffic. They are fast, efficient and professional..."

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Mathew Kobliska, Attorney at Law

"A little more than a year ago, my firm considered a variety of alternatives to increase our web visibility.  Quite frankly, our web presence at the time was the equivalent of a billboard at the end of a dead-end road.  After reviewing our options, we decided to sign on with Cyberlink Technologies.  Today, we are #1 in our market segment, and the responses that we have received would not have otherwise found our office.  Our sincere thanks to Darius and the crew at Cyberlink."

Marsh Halberg, Criminal Defense Attorneys

We are so fortunate to have you working your magic for us.

Alexander M. Gurevich, Attorney at Law

My experience with Darius at Cyberlink has been very positive.  He appears to be highly skilled in website optimization.  He has achieved a #1 ranking on Google for my website for two popular search terms.  He has also been prompt in responding to my questions, has made useful suggestions regarding changes to my website and has been willing to make the changes that I have requested.

Lustig & Gudis, LLC, Family Law Attorneys

Our firm has been working with Cyberlink for several years and we find them to be talented and proficient at their craft. They have always been responsive to our needs. We went from being virtually invisible to ranking number one on some of the searches in our region. Our client flow from the website has increased remarkably as has our client list. We would definitely recommend Cyberlink to other law firms who want to have a presence on the internet.

Richard E. Lewis, Attorney at Law

We have been working with Cyberlink Technologies, and most recently Darius Honardoost, regarding optimization of our website. They helped us progress from no-man’s land to the first page of organic listing in multiple categories.
Cyberlink has always promptly added our content to the website. The company has provided us with constructive suggestions on the type of content that would maximize our search exposure in the type of cases for which we have been looking. If you are interested in website optimization, I recommend you try Cyberlink.

John Klonoski, Attorney at Law

Web site redesign and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) contract. Ranked #1 on Yahoo, MSN and Google under many keywords within 2 months. Noticeable business improvement. Longstanding client for 3 & 1/2 years.

The Cochran Firm, Criminal Defense.

Largest criminal attorney group in the U.S. Web site redesign with marketing adjustments. Quadrupled online contact. Raised close ratio from 4 to 10%.

Michael Berg

Optimization contract. Ranks in the top 5 of every search engine under major terms and locations.

James Alston

I tried everything to get my website on the first page.  First, I listened to my web designer that they could “optimize” and run a “pay-for-click campaign” that would get me results.  Result = NOTHING!!!  Second, I set up my own Adwords campaign. Result = NOTHING but a credit card bill each month.  Then I hired CyberLink Technologies and PRESTO my search engine rankings increased dramatically, my telephone started ringing and I started signing up clients from my website.  Cyberlink has the magic to get you noticed on the web and get clients into your office.

John Fitzgerald

We are working with Mr. Fitzgerald on several of his sites at this point. One was not enough once we got the results he asked for.

Phil Sayles

Due to an overseas host constantly being down it took us a bit to accomplish our goal. Phil had faith in us and stood his ground and we took the #1 spot from his competitor (our former client) in the Seattle Market. 

Steven Lane

Steve came onboard with us in April of this year and had limited ranking when he got started. Chicago being one of the largest and most competitive markets in the United States, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Only two months later, Steve has over 100 terms ranking number one in search engines and over 400 terms on the front page. He is so busy that his hasty response to our last email was simply ‘Love it!!!’

Peter Bartnick

Peter wanted all the surrounding areas with enough traffic to keep working with us. We accomplished our goal in less than a month.

James Milligan

Optimization contract. Ranked #1 on Yahoo and MSN and in top 30 on Google within 1 month.

Michael Berg

Michael has worked with Cyberlink Technologies for over three years now. He gets so much business from his website that he has dropped all yellow page advertising. Michael said “Everything they promised me they came through with. I have been with them for a few years now and have not had one single problem.”

Robin Fuson

In his first 6 months Robin said, “I have only been with Cyberlink Technologies about 6 months, but have  already seen my volume increase to the point that I had to hire an associate to help me with all the new business my #1 ranking is bringing in.”

James Milligan

Massachusetts attorney James Milligan signed up with Cyberlink 5 years ago for statewide drunk driving terms. Cyberlink ranked him in the top 5 under every DUI related term we could think of and we've kept him there ever since. Now he is on the board of education for Drunk Driving.

Harris Gilbert

Harris is a great example of how we take care of our clients when things don’t happen quickly.  Unbeknownst to Harris or us, a friend of his was re-submitting his site daily, thus stopping our work from improving his ranking!  After several months, we were able to get him 1st page rankings AND extended his service to help demonstrate how we are to work with! In his own words in 2011, "I have been with Cyberlink since the 1st year I opened my law firm. Together we have grown the website into the success that it is today. They are always a pleasure to work with and communicate very well.

Brent Hankins

Brent had been working with another company for a year when he decided to work with Cyberlink. In January his site was pulled down due to a miscommunication with his hosting company. Within days we had Brent’s site back up and on the first page of Google. Brent said “Cyberlink is top notch.”

Imhoff and Associates

"WebOpts has really been an asset in helping our company grow. The site they developed for us not only receives a large amount of traffic, but a large amount of quality traffic. They are fast, efficient and professional. They have provided us with high quality, error-free web services. In addition to their great web services, their customer service and client management are top notch. They are a pleasure to work with and we would happily recommend them to others."

Jake Baloian

Imhoff and Associates

John Klonoski

"WebOpts worked day and night to make sure I was happy with my website. They trained me on how to setup our Outlook, update content on the website, and fix computer bugs and errors on our server. All this plus ranking us efficiently and effectively on all the major search engines. Peachtreelaw.com currently ranks in the top 10 on google, Yahoo and MSN and several other search engine under 12 different catagories. You really can't beat working with them!"

Joe Scheideler

Denver attorney Joe Scheideler has worked with us for over two years now. We ranked him under his criminal keywords in just two weeks; and shortly after that he decided to have us rank him under family law terms as well.  Joe says business has never been better and that his clientele increased by 50% in one month!

Todd Hendrickson

Todd ranked in just under two months under some very powerful terms. He has been getting great business from it and speaks very highly of us.

Brad Wishek

Cyberlink was able to rank Brad's site number one in Google under both of his key terms within three weeks. It didn't take long for Brad to bring in two clients, both physicians facing criminal charges who found him on the internet as the result of our services.

Sam Hansuld

Sam was skeptical at first, but Cyberlink Technologies ranked his site within one month. Since ranking under his keyterms his practice has grown dramatically as a direct result of our services.

Douglas Schmidt

We were able to rank Doug's Minneapolis attorney site at number one on Google under both of his key terms within three weeks. Doug has a unique way of making his placement even more valuable than you might think. Give him a call and ask him about his client 5 star rating.

Greg Wason

Greg signed up with Cyberlink Technologies in August of 2006. Within three months Cyberlink provided Greg with first page ranking for San Francisco attorney and lawyer as well. He even got an interview on the 10 o’clock news in the Bay Area because of his Google placement! Greg says business couldn't be better.

Gil Schaffnit

Gil received an interesting case from 2 gentlemen who got in a fight at a concert. They found him over the web via their i-phones. Even in a smaller market what was once the future is now the present.

Carl Nagle

Over the last couple of years Carl has been focusing on accident terms with us. Since the beginning he has added market after market and now he is adding yet another. As you can see by his other markets now North Carolina is on its way to being dominated by Carl.

Bruce Davis

Bruce has been with us since July of 2009 and we have been focusing on criminal search terms for him. Consistent online visibility is a direct result of his organic ranking and a great way for him to attract potential clients online.

Jay Tiftickjian (Jay T.)

Denver attorney “Jay T.” has been a client since 2008. He got started by having us rank his DUI terms. Once he saw how quickly we got him 1st page results, he had us design a new website and added another catalog of search terms to really bolster his online visibility.

William Cirignani

Bill came onboard with us in July of 2007. Within two and a half months we had his medical malpractice terms on the front page of Google. Bill said “If my law firm doesn’t appear in the first two pages of the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) it’s as if we don’t exist.” He wouldn’t use anyone else for his optimization needs.

Charles Lembcke

Charles came on board with Cyberlink Technologies just before Christmas of 2006 and just after New Years we had him ranking in the top 3 for all 4 of his keyterms! Charles consistantly gets 3 to 4 calls a week from his website.

Michael Bryant

Michael Bryant started with us in July of 2006. Ranking number one under two statewide terms, he has received a steady flow of phone calls and has secured some great cases due to our services. Michael has told us that we are by far the best online marketing company he has ever worked with and he would be happy to tell you that himself.

(these are actual non-solicited emails from our clients)

Michael Berg

"darius…you are the man!!!! that’s why I have no problem paying you ‘cause it’s money well spent. in fact, this year I have cut out my yellow page advertising completely (for the first time ever!) and have gone completely with you... thanx again…"


Craig Perry

"I did both criminal and divorce and criminal did get us some cases but once I started doing divorce with them business has been through the roof. Business has never been better."

Craig Perry

First Email: Darius, you’re amazing. I can’t believe it. One moment we are not even near the first page and then just like that we are #1 and #2 on 4 of our terms and top 5 under the rest. I am a client for life. Thank you.”

Second email: I’m very excited by the latest news. Very! Thanks for all of your continued hard work!

Craig Perry

Scott Smith


I am EXTREMELY happy.

Scott "front page of Google" Smith

Roger Walton


Happy New Year to you, too. I don't know how you do it, but you and your team are fantastic. I am so lucky to have you helping us. I hope you can take that well deserved vacation very soon.


Eric Buchanan

Cyberlink got us ranked under some of the most competitive terms in our industry. They are quick to respond when we request website updates. Their expertise has given us excellent internet exposure and has greatly increased our internet client inquiries.